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Learn to Meditate

Years ago, if you wanted to learn Vedic Meditation, you paid Guru Deva, the man who invented it, a week's wages.

He arrived at that fee because he wanted the practice to be available to everyone, and because he found that students who didn't pay didn't stick with the practice. So a grain farmer brought a week's grain, a king a week's riches, and the practice was available, and the fee meaningful, to all. 

We've adopted his approach to a sliding scale. A week's wages can be a useful guideline, but ultimately each student decides where they fall on a scale from $500 - $2500.

It's an honor system, determined by what is a meaningful amount to each student. 

You are also welcome to pay in installments.

A FLAT RATE of $250 is also available to college and graduate students with a valid student ID.