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Vedic Meditation is an effortless process of deep rest and profound stress release. It's the only meditation style designed to address the challenge of modern life. This means it's easy -- wandering effortlessly with the mind, practiced in small doses, and optimized for stress reduction. In fact, it's the most effective tool for lessening stress there is.

This simple approach takes the edge off, increases clarity, and makes you happier. Learn to Meditate is taught in four 90-minute sessions that are kind of like a Ted Talk on meditation. You receive a personal mantra and complete instruction on how to generate the full benefits of meditation. A free lifetime of support, and access to community events are also included. 

How to learn?

Step 1: Schedule a Live or Virtual Intro Talk. 

Step 2: Register for Learn to Meditate. 

Step 3: Receive the Full Benefits of Meditation, FREE access to Dating & Meditating, and Meditation Social Club.

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OCT 11    7 - 9 pm
OCT 12     7 - 9 pm
OCT 13     4 - 6 pm
OCT 14     6 - 8 pm

Each session is 2 hours in Venice, CA.  

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The experience is packed each week with highly conscious, interesting beings. Most are single and all desire to achieve healthy, meaningful relationships. Listen as we recap what we've learned about dating over the past four months since the experience began. You'll hear thoughts on money as it relates to dating, monogamy vs. matriarchy, and why you must directly ask the questions you seek answers to. Growth is found here.


Tune in for this deep, heart opening, real conversation where Andrew and I dive into big questions like, ‘Am I ready for love?,’ gender roles in love and relating, safety and opening up on Episode 83 of Ignite Intimacy!


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