Meditation Social Club

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Meditation social club (1).jpg

Meditation Social Club


A Dating & Meditating Experience

Meditation Social Club is a fun, stylish way to connect with your community and with LA. 

My colleagues Light Watkins, Chris Pomeroy and I are creating an opportunity for people to meditate, connect, and explore LA in style. It's called Meditation Social Club, a monthly group meditation, art exploration, and meet-up.

Each month we’ll pick a different spot — Disney Hall, The Broad, LACMA — to meet new friends, meditate, then explore the art and architecture of LA. 

This event is open to experienced or novice meditators, and is an inclusive, bring a friend kind of thing. 

For our inaugural event we’ve chosen Rembrandt in India at The Getty Museum

We’ll meet at 1pm and do a fun exercise where you’ll get a chance to meet every attendee, then meditate on the Getty grounds before exploring the Rembrandt in India inside. You’ll no doubt be enriched by both the art and the company. 

Some details on the exhibit and parking:

Late in his career, Rembrandt created a series of meticulous drawings depicting emperors and courtiers from India. By juxtaposing Rembrandt’s drawings wit India paintings, stories unfold about the flow of art and ideas across time and oceans.

NOTE: Admission to The Getty is FREE, but parking is $15. You may want to Uber or Carpool.

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We'll see you soon!


Andrew, Light and Chris