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  • Barrett Meditation (map)

Good question.

Is it a kind of sex where you breath deeply and make love for hours? A set of eastern practices that deepen all kinds of intimacy? Or really, you'v heard the term, but have no idea?

Well this Tuesday we're going to discuss, and experience Tantra -- though with our clothes on. Guided by Shezza Walters, we'll learn more about these ancient intimacy practices, and how powerful this kind of connection is in relationships.

We'll discuss the power of feeling all our feelings, the artistry of Tantric massage, and how Tantra is as much about non-sexual practices as connecting to our erotic core -- though, don't worry, we're definitely going to talk about Tantric sex.

Shezza Walters is a Tantra teacher, touch therapist and poet who specializes in teaching singles and couples how to connect deeply. She'll bring her experience and wisdom to our group as we meditate for 20 minutes to the sublime music of Shanna Gilfix, then discuss:

What is Tantra Anyway?