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  • Barrett Meditation (map)

Let's be honest.

Tomorrow's going to be special.

We have a cellist who's going to play LIVE MUSIC while we meditate.

Then we're going to talk about HONESTY.

Radical Honesty.

As in, being truly and fully honest about how you feel in relationships, especially your most important relationship, with yourself.

Because if you're not honest with yourself about what you want, you're probably not being effective about getting it. Right? How can you have a great relationship if you aren't crystal clear that you want a great relationship?

But how effective would you be, if you were 100% honest about what you want, then built a great plan to achieve it?

Maybe telling the truth, especially to ourselves, is essential to happiness, and dishonesty is a fundamental source of suffering.

So let's be honest.

And let's listen to beautiful music while we're doing it.

Join us for Dating & Meditating tomorrow at 7pm.

We'll listen to live cello that will take us deep in meditation, then discuss:

Radical Honesty

Later Event: December 18