Are you ready for a relationship? 

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Once at a Dating & Meditating session, a woman said :

“partners who put 100% into their relationship create something larger than the sum of its parts. “ 100% + 100% = 300%.” 

Pretty cool. 

I wonder if implicit in that equation, is having 100% of ourselves to add to the mix? That magic only happens if we’re already 100% responsible for our lives?   

So what does readiness look like? 

Is it thinking another person will magically sweep you into a better life? Or realizing you need to clean your garage and pay your taxes so you can rise to the occasion of being with someone great? 

In the first scenario we don’t really have 100% of ourselves to bring to the party -- in fact, we might want a relationship to avoid being responsible for ourselves.  

In the second, we have 100% of ourselves to put into the relationship. When it’s combined with 100% from our partner, viola, the 300% appears: Magical, collective results, built on prosaic, individual contributions. 

So what if readiness for a relationship with someone else, starts with being responsible for ourselves?

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Being Ready

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