You Have a Date on Valentine's Day!

valentine's day dating and meditating 2019

Valentine's Day can be a bummer. It seems like everyone in a relationship is out to dinner or getting flowers, and you're home watching Sex and the City.

That's no fun. 

Good thing this year's different. 

Because this Valentine's Day, we're hosting a special Dating & Meditating with flowers, chocolate, and love songs.

We'll have LIVE music, a discussion on Romance, and make dream-come-true-super-fun-arts-and-crafts Valentine's cards with glitter pens, rose petals, and everything.

There's also a high likelihood of long hugs, eye gazing, and other juicy ways to connect on this fun, romantic evening. 

And by the way, if you're in a relationship and want to bring your special someone, or they're out of town, come! A good time will be had by all. 

Feel free to bring something you'd like to give or receive -- a love song, flowers, an origami rose -- to add to the good vibes. And know you've got a great date this Valentine's Day. 

(Also, Dating & Meditating is ONLY on Thursday the 14th this week. No Tuesday event.)

So join us this THURSDAY as we flip the script on Valentine's Day and have a beautiful, connected night. 

You Have a Date on Valentine's Day!

Thursday Feb 14th 2019

For more info follow the link below